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Platinum diamond 0.202ct (with H&C certificate card) Swing pendant (necklace)


Platinum diamond 0.202ct (with H&C certificate card) Swing pendant (necklace)

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A platinum diamond necklace featuring high-quality diamonds (selected heart and cupid natural diamonds) that emit a dazzling brilliance. A superb piece of jewelry with a 0.2ct solitary stone shining and swaying in an elegant frame! The base metal uses platinum, which is a high-grade material for both the top and the chain, and the chain uses a high-grade sliding chain (you can use it in your preferred length). We will also include a card type certificate to prove that it is a heart & cupid natural diamond, so it is highly recommended as a special gift or a special reward for yourself.
* What is “Heart & Cupid”?
Eight hearts and arrows that appear in diamonds with good proportions and symmetry, even among the highest cut grades. It refers to the phenomenon in which Cupid's arrow can be seen from the table surface and a heart pattern can be seen from the pavilion side. It is called "Heart & Cupid" because it is likened to an angel's arrow that pierces the heart.

Material: Pt900, diamond 0.202ct (H&C)
Top size: about 9.5mm x 13mm
Chain length: about 450mm (Pt850, sliding Venetian chain)
(It is possible to fasten at your desired length between 0mm and 450mm)

Package: Luxury jewelry case and certificate card included