FAQ Frequently Asked Questions



About the product

Are diamonds real?

All of our diamonds are natural diamonds. Imitation stones such as CZ are never labeled as diamonds.

Is the product new?

All products are new and unused. We do not sell any used items.

Will the product price change?

Prices for diamonds, natural stones, gold and platinum fluctuate on a daily basis due to exchange rate fluctuations and world affairs. Thank you for your understanding.

About orders and delivery

I have placed an order but have not received an email?

When you place an order, you will receive an order confirmation email automatically, and within 1 business day after that, we will send you an order confirmation email. If you do not receive the e-mail, it may be because the e-mail address is entered incorrectly, or your mobile phone is not configured to receive the e-mail. First of all, we will check whether the order has been placed, so please contact us.

How long will it take to arrive after ordering?

For immediate delivery, orders placed before 14:00 will be delivered the next day or two days later, and for made-to-order products (made-to-order products), the delivery date is indicated on the cart or in the product description column on each product page. In addition, we will always inform you of the detailed delivery date for the products we make after you place an order (you can then specify the delivery date again).

Can you ship it in such a way that the contents cannot be seen?

The product will be shipped in plain cardboard, and will be shipped from our company name "Web Treasure Co., Ltd.", so the contents cannot be seen from the outside. Masu. The product name is described as "small items", but if you wish, you can write "computer parts", "precision machinery", etc. (Please write it in the remarks column of the order form).

Can you ship without knowing the amount?

If you choose the gift option (wrapping) at the time of ordering, we do not include anything that shows the amount, such as a statement of delivery. If it is better not to include the delivery note without wrapping, please write it in the remarks column when ordering.

Is it possible to stop at a business office or general office?

yes. Is possible. Please indicate the name of the desired business office (or post office) in the delivery address when ordering.
Example) Yamato Transport ●●● center stopper (center code: ●●●●●●)
* Please check the center code from the Yamato Transport website .
*Registration to Kuroneko Members is required for pick-up at centers other than directly managed centers.
Example) ●●● Post office clip

I would like to order a ring, but I do not know the ring size.

About shipping to overseas

Shipping to overseas is possible. You can select the delivery country on the order form.
We usually deliver by EMS (international speed mail). Customs duties are the responsibility of the customer.
Shipping costs are included in the calculation, but customs duties differ depending on the country, so in many cases they are not included in the payment at our store and are billed at the time of delivery.
Please be aware of this before purchasing.

About jewelry customization

Can't find the size I want in the ring size options?

It is possible to make even sizes that are not available. The price will vary depending on the amount of bullion and the processing fee, so we will give you an estimate. Please contact us.

Can I change the chain length?

Please contact us as it depends on the length and the type of bullion. If you cannot find the option you want, please contact us for a separate estimate.

Can I change (or specify) a diamond's grade?

It is possible to produce in the desired grade. Please contact us for a separate estimate.

Can you refurbish my jewelry?

I'm sorry. We do not support renovations using jewelry from other stores.

Is it possible to attach an appraisal or identification certificate to all products?

Certificates can only be attached to products with a description of "Certificate included". A certificate (certifying that the diamond is a natural diamond) can be attached to all diamond jewelry (for an additional 3,500 yen. Delivery time will be extended by 1-2 weeks).

About jewelry maintenance

Is it okay to wear rings and necklaces all the time?

We do not recommend wearing it to prevent damage or deformation. Even though it is a precious metal, the higher the purity, the softer and more easily deformed and scratched. For example, a thin ring may be distorted by sudden braking on a bicycle, a necklace may be torn when turning over or changing clothes, or discolored after entering a hot spring. We recommend that you remove jewelry when sleeping or going to bed.

Can it be repaired if it breaks?

Jewelry purchased from us can be repaired at any time after purchase. Lost stones will be quoted separately, but after use, we will charge a flat rate of 3500 yen for repairs such as chain breakage, distortion correction, and re-plating.

Can a ring be resized after several years of purchase?

Rings purchased from us can be resized at any time after purchase. We charge a flat fee of 3,500 yen.

I lost one earring. Can I order on one side?

We accept orders for one side. Earrings with a cast frame are available at half the price of the item. For pierced earrings under 10,000 yen, we may not be able to sell one side of the pressed frame pierced earrings made in lots (because the price will be about the same on one side). Please contact us first.