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[Engagement ring] Platinum diamond 0.2ct (F, VVS, 3EX, H&C, appraisal included) Engagement ring


[Engagement ring] Platinum diamond 0.2ct (F, VVS, 3EX, H&C, appraisal included) Engagement ring

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A platinum diamond ring with a perfect texture, with diamonds that give you a dazzling brilliance suitable for an engagement ring and a sturdy frame of platinum, which is a high-grade material.

The main stone is F color, which is a colorless grade, the clarity that indicates transparency is VVS class, and the cut grade is the highest triple excellent, and a single diamond with a 0.2 ct up that can also be heart and cupid is set!
* What is “Heart & Cupid”?
Eight hearts and arrows that appear in diamonds with good proportions and symmetry, even among the highest cut grades. It refers to the phenomenon in which Cupid's arrow can be seen from the table surface and a heart pattern can be seen from the pavilion side. It is called "Heart & Cupid" because it is likened to an angel's arrow that pierces the heart.
Two side stones (total 0.02ct) diamonds are set on both sides.
Appraisal will also be accompanied by an authoritative Zenhokyo or Chuhoken appraisal certificate.

*The product image is set with a sample stone. Please refer to the grade description below for the diamonds that are actually set.
* We also accept letters (dates and initials). If you would like to engrave the inside of the ring, please add the desired date and initials in the remarks column when ordering.
Example) "08.08.23 K to M"
* After purchase, if the size does not fit, or if the product is damaged, we also accept resizing and repairs. (Resizing immediately after gifting is free of charge, except for extreme size ups, and only the round-trip shipping fee will be charged. If time has passed or repairs are required, a fee will be charged.)
*If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to call us.

Material: Pt900, diamond 0.2ct (F, VVS, 3EX, H&C) + side stone 0.02ct
Ring width: about 2.2mm-4.6mm

Package: With luxury jewelry case and certificate (National Gemmological Society or Central Gemological Institute)

*This product will be carefully made one by one after you place an order.
*Cash on delivery is not available for custom-ordered items. (After the credit card and various payments are completed, we will start production and deliver it in about 3 weeks.)
*We will inform you of the exact delivery date at the stage of production, and we will be sure to contact you at the time of shipment.
*The ring size can be incremented by 0.5 (free of charge). Please add your request in the remarks column when ordering. No. 16 and above will be quoted separately.