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PURE DAYS Collaboration Earrings PDC-002


PURE DAYS Collaboration Earrings PDC-002

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Convenient earrings that can be enjoyed in 2 ways from Pure Days. . .

Gorgeous hoop earrings with embedded cubic zirconia. Collaborative earrings docked with a cute charm that also uses cubic zirconia. The charm can be removed, so it can be used as a simple hoop piercing, or you can dock the removed charm with other piercings you own, and you can enjoy various arrangements. Masu.

Material: Cubic zirconia, silver 925 (rhodium processing, platinum finish)
Hoop Earring Outer Diameter: 12.5mm
Charm size: 6mm x 7mm (including ring)

Package: BOX for exclusive use of Pure Days, guarantee card, with paper bag

*In the case of silver pierced earrings, the hardness is inferior to that of platinum and gold, so the core of the metal fittings may sag slightly, but this is not a defective product. In that case, if you open the core part slightly with the pad of your finger, it will fit perfectly.