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K18 diamond 0.3ct SI class half eternity ring eternity ring yellow gold


K18 diamond 0.3ct SI class half eternity ring eternity ring yellow gold

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First come, first served limited sale! We will release it at a deficit even cheaper than the mail order special price! A half eternity ring with a total of 12 diamonds (0.3ct) concentrated on the front of the ring. The diamonds are concentrated in the part that can be seen from the front, so the appearance and brilliance give off a presence that is comparable to a 1-carat full eternity ring! The base metal ring from the side to the back feels smooth, so it feels good on your fingers! In addition, the diamonds used are carefully selected from SI class lots with high transparency and strong brilliance, so there is no doubt that they will produce a gorgeous and elegant finger with a dazzling brilliance! This is an eternity ring that we truly recommend.

Material: K18 (yellow gold), diamond 0.3ct (SI class)
Ring width: about 1.5mm-2mm

Package: Luxury jewelry case, quality assurance certificate included

Reference price: ¥148,000

Regular special price: ¥64,800

↓Furthermore, for a limited time only! !

¥45,000 for a limited time

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*The ring size can be incremented by 0.5 (free of charge). No. 16 and above will be quoted separately. Please add your request in the remarks column when ordering.