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K10PG・Rose Quartz Heart Earrings


K10PG・Rose Quartz Heart Earrings

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Pale pink rose quartz is heart-cut and cute,
Finished by setting to snuggle up to the open heart of pink gold.

A jewel of love that is said to enhance the femininity of the wearer☆
So that someone can snuggle up to you like this...♪

Would you like to entrust your love wishes to these earrings?
A heart with a beautiful curve will give off a wonderful sparkle in your ear ☆

■Material: Rose quartz, K10 pink gold (K10PG)
■Size: about 8 x 4.2mm
Rose quartz 3*3mm (heart cut)
■Post length: about 10mm
(The catch is a silicon catch)
■ With jewelry case